June/July - updates

July 09, 2023

Two months ago, I tried to commit to a weekly schedule of posting at least once a week. Ha-ha, here I am two months later, with my first update; so much for committing. While I do want to write about what I am working on, it also takes time from working on the things which I want to work on. I guess, over time I will figure this out, because I have been in a back and forth of creating a blog, arriving at this impasse, and then deleting my blog, a few a dozen times now ( over a decade). At least now, the blog is still here!

The past two months, my free time (weekends) has mostly been busy with trying to understand what LLMs can offer me. Which is quite a lot! I have been learning more React, and while I am doing it, getting deeply aware of the thing which is the bane of modern web development. So next to building a side-project todo app (totally hasn't been overdone yet). I am also building a clone of this project with HTMX and Alpine JS. Which to me feels like the future, but it isn't fully there yet.

Anyways, I guess I will update this as soon as possible; which may be another 2 months from now. We'll see!

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